Literacy Curriculum Information


Literacy is embedded in our curriculum. Our cross curricular approach means that wherever possible, we try to link our reading and writing teaching to our topics.

The National Curriculum has clear guidelines for what should be taught at each Key Stage. These links will give you a summary of the statutory requirements.

Year 1 Literacy overview

Year 2 Literacy overview

Year 3&4 Literacy overview

Year 5&6 Literacy overview


In Reading, our pupils move through colour coded books until they are confident, fluent readers. At this point, they will become Free Readers, and select from our library.


Approximately twice a half term, children will complete a Big Write – this is essentially an independent piece of work. This begins in the spring term, in EYFS, with Big Talk Little Write, and moves into Year 1 where it is appropriate for the children and becomes the Big Write. Talk Homework is set prior to this Big Write, which involves parents and carers in the writing process. In all of our Literacy, Talk for Writing is an essential part of the writing process. Pupils are given many opportunities to talk, retell, act and discuss before they complete their actual written work.

Handwriting is taught consistently in each Key Stage. Our Guidance documents are below.

Handwriting Guidance

Letter Formation Sheets

Writing Policy


In KS1 and EYFS our pupils have daily phonic lessons. Grammar is taught weekly throughout the school. In KS1 spellings focus on the first 200 key words, whilst in KS2, words are drawn from the National Curriculum statutory lists and the statutory spelling patterns and rules for each phase.