Our School Council

Our School Councillors repres100_5824 rs school councilent All Saints’ School. There were two children, elected at the beginning of the school year, from each class. Each child (if they wanted to) would prepare a speech and then the rest of the class would listen to them carefully, then vote for two people who they wanted to be representatives for their class School Councillors.

Twice a term, the School Councillors all meet up with Miss White and discuss about what the class think are good ideas. The year 5/6 School Councillors are involved with updating this page of the All Saints’ website. We will keep you up to date with our meetings and things we do in general as School Councillors.

School Councillors are sometimes required to show around important visitors to the school. We all take this very seriously as we are ambassadors for All Saints’ School.

In meetings, the School Councillors from every year come together in one classroom. Every meeting would involve the school council discussing how to make things in the school better, for both pupils and teachers. At every meeting there would be a chair person, someone who would be in charge of all of the School Councillors. During every school meeting we elect a secretary to make notes and type up minutes of what has been discussed, so that we can take their ideas and communicate to the relevant people including Miss Williams, Mr Brown and the school governors. The class Councillors then feedback their meeting information to the class and gather any more ideas.

This term, we have asked our class what healthy snacks they would like for KS2 break time. We noted their ideas of; scones, oatmeal cereal bars, fruit changes every week, plain flapjacks, carrots and naan bread.

The School Council also discussed the process of selling poppies/ Christmas toys so that not everyone would rush to the office after eating their lunch to sell the items. The School Council are encouraging children who wish to sell these items to talk to their School Councillors of any future arrangements.

By the  Year 5/6 School Councillor Website Team

Our  School Council children meet with Maldon Council  to discuss their ideas for  Promenade Park

Read more: http://www.essexchronicle.co.uk/want-Prom-Park/story-28845075-detail/story.html#ixzz42OenvfBW


School Council attended a Road Safety meeting in February 2015.





In the month of March, All Saints’ School Councillors went to a ‘Healthy Me’ conference meeting at Maldon Town Hall. There were many other Councillors from other schools there such as Maldon Primary, St Francis, Heybridge Primary and Wentworth. A few volunteers from Plume School came to the conference to perform some workshops for us year 5/6’s. There were many workshops such as ‘Healthy Fitness’ and ‘Healthy Eating’. We will now list and describe some of the activities we participated in;

  • ‘Healthy Eating’ – In this activity, we were put into groups to make some healthy smoothies. There were 3 groups in the workshop, and one group would go to make their smoothies, another would do a healthy eating challenge and the last group would draw on a large piece of paper healthy and unhealthy foods.
  • ‘Healthy Fitness’ – This activity was a very interesting workshop as we had some men come in and teach karate to a couple of groups. Unfortunately, the other groups that took part were not included in the karate as the teachers for the activity were a bit late.
  • ‘Healthy Emotions’ – In this workshop we talked about some emotions and the experiences that we have had when we had those feelings. Then we were split into two groups and each group would choose an emotion to act out; after the drama, the other group would have to guess the feeling.

Once all the activities were completed, each school had a big piece of paper to write all of their ideas down for what they will tell their school about the conference. Then, they would all stand up on the stage and explain what was on their pieces of paper.

The school Councillors had a meeting with Mrs Baker and All Saints will be having a ‘Healthy Week’ during the summer term which everyone is looking forward to. The school Councillors have planned out each day thoroughly, with exciting events planned for the whole school.


This term we have been trying to make our snacks better and more healthy so more children will buy the schools snacks.

Our school will a heather place if we are healthy and keep fit by eating healthy snacks too!

First of all we met up with Mrs Baker, Mrs Allen and Mrs Foakes to discuss our ideas for the new snacks.

But how were we to first to come up with our ideas for the new snacks? (We asked our classes for what their own ideas).

We did this because we wanted to have everyone’s opinion on what they wanted to have for a healthy snack.

School councillors think that the new snacks are a really good choice and will make our school a healthier place to be.


These are some of the snack that we have chosen:

Monday: Fruity Frube Yoghurt.

Tuesday: Sticky Malt loaf.

Wednesday: Tasty chunk of cheese.

Thursday: Fruit loaf.

Friday: Yummy frozen yoghurt.

And don’t forget every day your choice of selection of fresh or dried fruit!

Houses of Parliament 2014

On Thursday the 6th November 2014 All Saints’ Primary School year 5/6 school Councillors visited the Houses of Parliament in London. There was lots of other schools from the area that came with us on the coach. We went there to learn how to get our voice heard and gain political experience.

When we got there we were given badges and had to go through security. Then we went through a dark stone tunnel under the road. It was like going into Hogwarts to get into the Houses of Parliament!

After that we entered the House of Lords and House of Commons and whilst we were there we were being enthusiastic ambassadors for our school. We were taken on a tour by Bridget our tour guide and stood on the stone steps where Guy Fawkes stood as was tried for attempting to blow up Parliament.

Later on we went into a workshop were we learnt how to vote and once again how to get our voice heard.

Next we were split into two groups and learnt how to debate and how to get our message across to MP’s and the Government.

Finally we left parliament and ate a late lunch in a park nearby, which  over looked the Thames and views of London. On our journey home we saw more wonderful sights of London. We really enjoyed our fantastic day in London and now we know how to get our voice heard and how the members of parliament communicate, work and listen to us. The most important part of the day, whatever your age, is that your ideas are important and should be listened to.

By the Year 5/6 School Councillor Website Team